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LinkedIn: Top tips for professional etiquette

24 Jan 2013 | Added by Creating Demand | 5 Comments
Claire Porter, the Technology Editor at recently published a very interesting article about the do's and don'ts of LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional...

Marketing Tips for Social Networking

15 Jan 2013 | Added by Creating Demand | 11 Comments
I continually hear different attitudes towards social networking from both a personal and business related perspective.

Why You Might Lose Some Followers On Pinterest Today

7 Dec 2012 | Added by Creating Demand | 3 Comments
Fast Company has reported a big loss for those spammers out there that are jamming up the social media 'inspiration board' platform Pinterest with their junk. Behind the scenes at Pinterest, a group...

Size still matters in e-marketing?

7 Dec 2012 | Added by Creating Demand | 6 Comments
George Wright at SMH asks the interesting question - Does size matter in e-marketing? A few weeks back gym chain Fitness First sent out a “welcome” email to lapsed members. The email was...

Branding: Are you being blinded by delight?

6 Dec 2012 | Added by Creating Demand | 7 Comments
Leading Company has produced an insightful article about the importance of a brand identity, and the processes that need to underpin it. Michel Hogan lists the seven things you can do to build...

Great article - Taking the snake oil out of SEO

20 Nov 2012 | Added by Creating Demand | 7 Comments
SMH and George Wright recently published a great article on SEO, where he looks into the myths, misconceptions and some possible cure-all steps to get SEO working for you. Click here to read the...

Duct Tape Marketing hits the hot points with Analytics Reporting

30 Oct 2012 | Added by Creating Demand | 25 Comments
We found a great article, written by Duct Tape Marketing, regarding the use of Google's top website reporting tool - Analytics. As a free service, this tool offers so many advantages to those...