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Why You Might Lose Some Followers On Pinterest Today

7 Dec 2012 | Added by Creating Demand
Fast Company has reported a big loss for those spammers out there that are jamming up the social media 'inspiration board'  platform Pinterest with their junk. Behind the scenes at Pinterest, a group of engineers searches for spam. Today, they’re flipping the switch on their biggest spam purge yet.


# At 1:13pm, January 15, 2013, Shelle said:
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Thanks for your comment/info. All the IT jobs are in the IT cgrtaoey though other jobs seem to have slipped in there the IT jobs have not leaked out into a different cgrtaoey. This has resulted in IT jobs plus some others not so IT related being in the IT cgrtaoey. Were looking at ways to stop this happening.@Tom Thanks for your feedback. We are tweaking our search system to get more accurate results form it. As such we are turning some of the more obscure operators on and off and did not want to release details on advanced search operators just yet.I can tell you that AND works and so does OR but you must use the operators capitalised. When we settle on the exact operator implementation there will be a page detailing them and their use.CheersEben

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