About Us

Creating Demand was founded in 2006 to help small to medium sized business realise their true potential through affordable and cost effective marketing, advertising, design and publishing solutions.

The industry is changing.

With no industry regulation and thousands of graphic designers popping up with every purchase of a computer and an Adobe product, it is getting increasingly difficult for business to distinguish between pretty design, and effective communication that works to deliver real results.

Essentially good branding, marketing and design should be cost neutral. That is, it should generate income to at least cover the initial investment.

So how does branding generate income?

This is a difficult question to answer but think back 10 years and answer this; would you have borrowed money from or even bought an airline ticket from a company called Virgin?

Branding is a companys most valuable asset and its most powerful communication tool that is often overlooked in favour of more short-term and temporary solutions. A brand is essentially a personality that can take years to perfect but minutes to destroy. Get your brand message relevant and consistent and itll do the talking for you 365 days a year.

A powerful and engaging brand that truly relates to your audience comes only with experience and an exhaustive understanding of your market category and current and future customer. This is where we can help.