You need to understand what's happening today and anticipate what's coming tomorrow. 

It is an age old terminology, but still so relevant for small businesses now and into the future: Failing to plan is planning to fail. 

Many businesses today either can't find the time or don't have the resources to develop and implement effective plans for their business. At Creating Demand, we specialise in helping businesses think about where they want to go, review and analyse whether that is the right direction, and then set about creating and implementing an agreed plan. 
An example of this is our work with the Gold Coast based leading luxury boat company, Integrity Motor Yachts. In a market that has been decimated by the challenging financial conditions of late, Integrity Motor Yachts has grown exponentially over a number of years through undertaking, with the support of Creating Demand, a concise, and most importantly implemented, strategic plan. 
Creating Demand has worked closely with the team at Integrity to identify new market opportunities through both broader and wider distribution and also through the refinement and development of their product range to take advantage of changing market conditions. 
Creating Demand also manges the ongoing marketing and advertising program for Integrity, implementing and applying the latest statistical analysis to review campaign success, resulting in a significant increase in inbound enquiries. 

Creating Demand recognised the opportunity to develop a more flowing and social layout for the boats, meeting market demand, which has been implemented and resulted in increased market success.