To compete in the marketplace, you have to think ahead. Your brand message should do all the talking for you. 

As small business owners, we spend a lot of time thinking about the day to day operations of our business, but we never seem to get enough time to think about the future of our business. Simply thinking about the future of our business is a great start, but we then need to strategise and formulate how our business will look in the future, and more importantly, what our target market and customers look like. 

At Creating Demand, we help businesses  to identify the need to think about the future, then set about helping them implement and execute a coordinated, concise, and targeted plan for future growth. 
For example, recent clients, Gold Coast based accounting firm Crowley Calvert & Associates had not reviewed their brand for a number of years and with future growth identified as coming from a younger business base, there was a real need to look at their brand, ensure their message to the market was correct and to adopt and apply new-world marketing strategies to position them for future growth.  An invaluable part of this process was the completion of a number of key client interviews conducted by the team from Creating Demand, with the findings compared to internal director research, and then a clear and targeted brand positioning statement and visual representation developed. Together, we have implemented:
  • New Business website
  • New logo development 
  • Valuable client testimonials
  • New office refurbishment