We are continually told about how many small to medium size business owners say they have advertised but it never works. Or we'll hear the oldie but a goldie "50% of my marketing and advertising works, I just don't known which 50%". Then when we dig a little deeper and ask a few more questions, we soon realise that the business may have run one ad that they were talked into by an ad sales person, in an inappropriate media channel, with creative that the receptionist, their kids or a mate of a mate who does design, put together. And then low and behold we see or hear an ad that does not have a single minded proposition, is not clear and concise and does not have a call to action. The ad never had a chance.
The key with any advertising is consistency, targeted to the right market, with a clear and concise message, a call to action and contact details that will be answered, and answered by the right person. Now this is an ad or campaign that is looking for a response and an immediate return on investment. If its a branding ad it may not have a call to action, and is more about positioning a brand in a certain market. The challenge for small businesses is that brand based ads require a lot of frequency and you may not necessarily see an immediate response. For small business the key is response, so we regularly recommend that our client look to run or develop an ad or campaign with more emphasis on an immediate response.
We work with a number of Gold Coast small to medium size businesses on delivering effective advertising campaigns, whilst also managing the advertising campaign development and placement for large national and international brands.
Call us today if you would like to discuss the effectiveness of your ad campaigns and our team members will be more than willing to discuss how you can better prepare and effective advertising campaign.

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